Sarah Candle, born in Luxembourg in 1995, is a Luxembourgish singer and vocal teacher. Her interest in music came up at the age of 5 when she started to play percussion. At the age of 12 she took her first vocal lessons in classical music and later, in 2010 when she discovered her passion for Jazz and Pop she started also taking jazz/pop vocal lessons.
In 2018 she worked as a vocal teacher in the „Ecole des musiques actuelles“ and in 2019 she joined the „Rockuniversity“  for teaching.
At the moment she gives online lessons and is involved into several projects: Melvin Burger Quintet, Candles for Sales, Big Band Merl and The Grundclub Luxembourg. Furthermore Sarah Candle is currently realizing her own project with her own band and original compositions. She also does backing vocals for a few bands based in Luxembourg. Sitta, Lata Gouveia, a.o.